Shawn P. Cavenee News

Old News:

Shawn Cavenee has ably assisted Roger Simmons in the Department of Labor, Maryland Insurnace and related cases involving a Maryland insurance company. He has continued to win and win and win in the Crofton case now at the Maryland Court of Special Appeals for the third time. Each time he has won attorneys’ fees for his client against the other side as well as damages. He is currently pursuing an appeal in a land use case for a local Frederick area business. He is representing a local church in a proceeding involving a an inheritance on a pro bono basis. Shawn is also pursuing several legal malpractice cases. (In the recent past, he was instrumental in recovering many millions of dollars in a major legal malproctice case against a major Washington, D.C. law firm.) Shawn has a variety of other cases underway.