Gordon & Simmons prevails on Motion to Discharge Lis Pendens in D.C. Superior Court

Gordon & Simmons (“G&S”) was successful in removing a lis pendens on motion to the D.C. Superior Court on behalf of one of its business clients. The D.C. Superior Court granted G&S’s motion, prepared and filed by Roger Simmons & Chris deBettencourt, to cancel a lis pendens in litigation that was brought against property owned by G&S’s client, a Washington D.C. property developer. The lis pendens threatened to block the pending sales of the developer’s renovated condominium property. G&S argued, inter alia, that there was no basis for the lis pendens against its client’s property first, because the lis pendens failed to state a dollar amount for damages and second, because the underlying litigation did not involve the ownership of the property. G&S’s successful motion will allow the developer to proceed with the sales of condominium units it had contracted to sell.