G&S Defeats $170,000 Claim by Debt Collector, Dyck-O’Neal, Inc.

Jacob I. Weddle secured a dismissal from Dyck-O’Neal, Inc., a national junk debt collector, in Dyck-O’Neal’s breach of contract suit against G&S’s client, Derrick R.  Dyck-O’Neal had been seeking more than $170,000 in damages, but failed to make any recovery.

Dyck-O’Neal, Inc. sued Derrick R. for breach of contract seeking, in essence, a $170,000 mortgage deficiency judgment. Dyck-O’Neal’s purported claim arose from Derrick R.’s foreclosure proceeding, and resulting mortgage deficiency, seven years ago, in 2009.

Derrick R. battled Dyck-O’Neal on his own for nearly 18 months before engaging Jacob I. Weddle to represent him. In less than four (4) months after being retained, Mr. Weddle convinced Dyck-O’Neal to walk away, without recovery, from its six-figure claim. Derrick R. is pleased with both the result, and with Jake’s guidance throughout the stressful litigation process. Derrick R. kindly writes:

Jacob I. Weddle and the firm of Gordon & Simmons, LLC are attorneys you can trust. I am an attorney, and found myself in a  legal situation beyond my expertise and I had no answers. I was literally losing sleep and stressed for months. With one phone call, Jacob made me feel comfortable and confident that if anything could be done it would be done. At every step of the legal process, I was informed of the status, possible strategies and risks. He has a passion for the law and representing his clients. His representation actually exceeded my expectations. If you need an attorney in Maryland that will not only fight with passion for your rights, but match that passion with subject matter expertise, contact Jake. You will be glad you did.

Jacob I. Weddle is very satisfied that he could formulate and implement a swift, effective and cost-efficient defense strategy for Derrick R. Should you be sued by Dyck-O’Neal, or face a motion for deficiency judgment, please call Mr. Weddle to discuss your matter.