Gordon & Simmons, LLC in Maryland

Civil, Business, and Commercial Litigation Lawyers

Since 1987, Gordon & Simmons has been hard at work protecting the rights of clients throughout Maryland and assisted both large and small companies legally navigate business disputes in Maryland, Virginia, DC, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, California, Florida, and New Jersey.

Civil Law in Maryland:

Civil Law focuses on civil liberties and constitutional rights, and the following links have information pertaining to civil law –

Business Law in Maryland:

Business law is where Gordon & Simmons shines. The vast majority of our cases fall into this category. We have represented clients in areas of business torts, professional (legal) malpractice, intellectual property, real estate and zoning, and more.

Commercial Litigation in Maryland:

Gordon & Simmons has represented clients throughout the United States. For over 25 years, Gordon & Simmons has professionally and successfully handled numerous high-profile commercial litigation cases. Contact Gordon & Simmons today for assistance in corporate contract disputes, labor and employment, corporate control, or any other matters related to commercial litigation.